Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exciting Stuff!!

Ok, so I decided to make a blog of my Camp progress, coz it's all so exciting and I want to be able to look back at everything and get all re-excited again!

So it's Wednesday today. Had my interview on Monday with my lovely interviewer Kiloshini. Was SO pumped for it, lil bit nervous as well though. Everything went well, signed a form about my rights, responsiblities etc. She was really talkative, and really friendly :) Found out that I'm in when I arrived there. At the time it didn't really hit me, but now I'm still buzzing with excitement! :)

I'm really looking forward to all the stuff building up to camp like... finishing my video, talking to camp directors, getting placed, getting to talk to fellow counsellers, getting a visa, getting all my stuff organised, and for some reason getting a lock for my suitcase!

Small dilema with my reference, the one from Brad wasn't dated! So have to get another copy off him and show Kiloshini. Also have to finish 2 questions on my application and then it can start getting circulated!

EEEEEP!! So excited!

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