Friday, October 1, 2010

Just do it!

If you're contemplating applying to Camp, just do it! camp has seriously been the most awesome experience of my life! I have made THE best friends in the world, I miss them SO much. I'm so gutted that I can't go back to camp next year, stupid seasons :| Camp is a place where everyone belongs. It's the best place in the world. No one is too cool at camp, thinking you're too cool is uncool. That's what we told the kids, and that's how it was with the counsellors :)
Yeah, you work hard, yeah you get no sleep, but it's totally worth it. You get to play a special part in kids' lives, they'll remember you forEVER! haha JK    but seriously, they will remember you for a long time! You get to see them push themselves, to achieve their goals, to overcome fears.
bestest/akwardest/funniest/fattest/insanest/AMAZINGEST 3 months of my life!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Visa continued...

Ok, so Monday night = biggest freak out of my life!! I decided it might be a good idea to double check that my appointment was at 8:30 like I remember it being... so I went on to the embassy site and clicked into the change or cancel your appointment thing. It asked for 3 things to be entered, 1. Last name. I have one of those. 2. Given name. I also have one of those. 3. Confirmation code. Apparently I DON'T have one of these. I attempted my DS-156, but to no avail. So of course I went into a HUGE panic!! Frantically checked through all of my emails (although obviously I would have made a seperate folder especially for a confirmation email from the embassy!), all of my paperwork, and racked my brains for any idea of this stupid code!!! nothing : | This could NOT be happening to me, I could NOT go to Auckland for an unbooked Visa interview, and I could not afford to go to Auckland AGAIN. So I went to see if it would let me enter the "schedule an appointment" bit (assuming that someone with a booked appointment would be declined from here...) and it let me in. More panic! I am an idiot!!! So then after 5 minutes of freaking out and debating what to do, I decided to just book a new interview (there was still 3 slots left, including 8:45, which would be perfect). So I went to do that, and then it said "Sorry, you have already booked an interview at 8:30am on the 17th of March". So all of that freaking out for nothing!!
In this is a lesson for the rest of you... You don't necessarily get a confirmation email from them, so write down your confirmation code when you book your interview, and make sure that you remember booking it as well! lol
The interview and stuff itself is really easy :) If your appointment is at 8:30 then don't bother turning up until 8:20ish. The elevator doesn't open till 8 anyway, and when you get to the embassy itself the guy will just tell you to come back at 8:30am when they let the non-immigrant people through. I got up there at 8:05, was sent away by the guy, and then arrived back at 8:24am and was second in line :) You can leave all of your stuff at the door, cellphone included. I wish I'd known that before hand! The interview part isn't even an interview, pretty much just "What are you doing in America?" and "Have you been there before?". Actually just those two questions! Most of the time is just spent waiting. I was back at the hostel (2 minute walk), had got my bag out of the storage cupboard thing (3 minute mission to get the door unlocked!), and had my cellphone on (1 minute) by 9:03am. I assume that if your appointment is later in the day then it might take a little bit longer than that, but still really quick! Just make sure you have all your stuff sorted, and the right courier bag! A prepaid one, not the grey one that has to be paid for when its getting sent! The poor lady behind me had the grey one and she had to go and get a new one and then re-queue :(
I think that's all I've got to say! Hope all is well with everyone :) xo

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yay! Visa interview in the morning :) I hope I pass!! I had the biggest Visa related scare last night, which I will shed some more light on when I have a bit more time :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

100 days to go!!

Wow! The last 100 days don't seem to have gone fast at all!!! :O This is getting more and more exciting every day :)
I've finally booked my flights and visa interview, so scary! I'm going up to Auckland and most probably staying at the Queen Street Backpackers all by myself! I'm a smidge nervous, but then again, I guess I should man up and get used to it seeing as that's what its going to be like for a few months!
I've been lazy and not really looked for a new part time job! I've just upped my hours at the pool (I'm a teacher :) ), and I'm hoping to do some volunteer work as well, to fill in my days. I'm a bit over work already, which is a bit concerning seeing as it's been 3 days... I'll get used to it :) I'm also doing a bit of maths tutoring, cleaning the house for my mum, and painting for dad, so there's money trickling in from a few other places which is good :)
Well, adiĆ³s! It's time for bed :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Apply early!

Very sorry about that last post!! Clearly wasn't thinking very straight at all!!!
So, I've just seen on the Camp America Facebook page ( that people are starting to be declined from applying for Camp America, which must mean that the quota for certain skills has been reached, already! So I just wanted to say to YOU that it is SO important to apply early! Don't leave it till now, or you could very well end up being declined because the skill quota has already been met. Also, be aware that the application stage takes a good few weeks, and that your application can't be circulated around camps until everything is done. Applications open in August/September, but no one's application will start circulating until November, when the previous season has finished. Apply as soon as applications open, then you have a good 2 months to get all your stuff together and make your application really amazing for when circulation starts in November! That's what I did, and I was placed within a day (or maybe it was 2?) of the applications being circulated, so it really can be worth it! Good luck, make yourself shine, because you are amazing and any camp will be lucky to have you!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long time, No see...

Whoops, sorry!! So much has happened since early December! I should be sent to the principals office for this...! Anyway...
Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good one? I did :) I went away with the family to Taupo for Christmas, which was nice, although very quiet. On the Friday before we left (which was Sunday), I finally recieved my package from CSB! It wasn't quite as exciting as I hoped though, just several forms to fill in for things like payment authorisation, and other ones with random names like I-9 and W-4. What does that mean, anyway?! And there was also a lovely green form that needed to be taken to the doctors. But I was freaking out for a little bit, because it said on the letter that they needed all the forms sent back within 2 weeks, otherwise the position might go to someone else. How on earth they expected me to pull that off, I don't know! Especially considering Christmas and the piles and piles of mail that clog the mailing system, slowing everything down! So I emailed my director and said that I couldn't it back until after New Years, and it was all cool :)
I also got my Visa papers from CA the day before I went on holiday, which was also exciting. Although the capitilised "IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS-DO NOT LOSE" made them quite daunting! It was lots of fun filling in the forms online, some of the questions are very amusing! "Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in exprt control violations, subversive or terrorist activities?" Because I would say 'yes' to that if I was!
This week has probably been another very Camp-ish week, which is definately cool :) I went to the doctors finally and got both my medical forms filled in. It was very relieving to know that there's nothing wrong with me! I was really worried that they might pick up that I had some terminal disease or something and I wouldn't be able to go to Camp! haha, I let my mind get away from me a lot of the time, can you tell?
And... I got a pack today!!!!!!!! I met my parents in Wellington for lunch and we went pack shopping! It was very cool, although those things are expensive!! Apart from mine, coz it was on sale :):) I like it very much. It's a macpac Gemini 75, and is blueish, and has lots and lots of little hidey places and funny nooks and crannies on the bag coz you can take stuff off, and hide away the straps, and a whole lot of other stuff. I havn't had a look on the inside yet coz I decided to keep it a surprise till my birthday (coz it's my birthday present), so that I can still be really excited about it for another few days =D.
Have an awesome week, and I'll write again soon!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More money!

Yay, exams are over! I can now officially relax and really look forward to camp :)
I paid for my flights last week, so exciting! My travelcafe lady, Dale, found a $300 discount for me, but to get it I had to pay straight away. 175 days and 54 minutes to go :) I've started compiling a list of stuff that I have to remember to take, mostly things recommended by returners on the Camp America forum. I still can't think of anything particularly Kiwi to take! Any suggestions?
I think I have OCD. I nervously look out for the post lady, and check our letterbox at least twice a day, because there's a package on it's way from CSB :) I got a letter last week from them letting me know that there is paperwork on it's way, which got me so excited, and completely distracted me from studying... but that's ok :) I can't wait to get it, especially now that school's over :):)
Anyway, gotta jet, my mum's coming back from Thailand in a few minutes and I'm so excited to see her!