Thursday, December 3, 2009

More money!

Yay, exams are over! I can now officially relax and really look forward to camp :)
I paid for my flights last week, so exciting! My travelcafe lady, Dale, found a $300 discount for me, but to get it I had to pay straight away. 175 days and 54 minutes to go :) I've started compiling a list of stuff that I have to remember to take, mostly things recommended by returners on the Camp America forum. I still can't think of anything particularly Kiwi to take! Any suggestions?
I think I have OCD. I nervously look out for the post lady, and check our letterbox at least twice a day, because there's a package on it's way from CSB :) I got a letter last week from them letting me know that there is paperwork on it's way, which got me so excited, and completely distracted me from studying... but that's ok :) I can't wait to get it, especially now that school's over :):)
Anyway, gotta jet, my mum's coming back from Thailand in a few minutes and I'm so excited to see her!


  1. Hi Nikki,
    I found your blog from your Camp America one. I applied with CA last year, and held on till the very last minute, but unfortunately didn't get a place. This year, I'm trying again, with Bunac. I'm still haunting the CA forums & blogs though, because the closest thing bunac have is a facebook group, and hardly anyone posts, so I'm deprived of people to talk to about going to camp! The blog I have on here is my place to talk about it, and about doing a ski season, which I'm about to start.
    Do you mind if I 'follow' your blog? It would be cool to see how someone else is getting on.
    Ailsa xx

  2. You definatly may follow my blog :) Can I follow yours?
    Best of luck with Bunac, I hope it all works out for you!
    Nikki xxx

  3. Hey, just wanted to know something... you said that you have ocd. I do aswell and wanted to know whether you put that on the form? I dont know whether to as I dont want it to not risk my chances of not being chosen.

    Thanks :)