Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long time, No see...

Whoops, sorry!! So much has happened since early December! I should be sent to the principals office for this...! Anyway...
Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good one? I did :) I went away with the family to Taupo for Christmas, which was nice, although very quiet. On the Friday before we left (which was Sunday), I finally recieved my package from CSB! It wasn't quite as exciting as I hoped though, just several forms to fill in for things like payment authorisation, and other ones with random names like I-9 and W-4. What does that mean, anyway?! And there was also a lovely green form that needed to be taken to the doctors. But I was freaking out for a little bit, because it said on the letter that they needed all the forms sent back within 2 weeks, otherwise the position might go to someone else. How on earth they expected me to pull that off, I don't know! Especially considering Christmas and the piles and piles of mail that clog the mailing system, slowing everything down! So I emailed my director and said that I couldn't it back until after New Years, and it was all cool :)
I also got my Visa papers from CA the day before I went on holiday, which was also exciting. Although the capitilised "IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS-DO NOT LOSE" made them quite daunting! It was lots of fun filling in the forms online, some of the questions are very amusing! "Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in exprt control violations, subversive or terrorist activities?" Because I would say 'yes' to that if I was!
This week has probably been another very Camp-ish week, which is definately cool :) I went to the doctors finally and got both my medical forms filled in. It was very relieving to know that there's nothing wrong with me! I was really worried that they might pick up that I had some terminal disease or something and I wouldn't be able to go to Camp! haha, I let my mind get away from me a lot of the time, can you tell?
And... I got a pack today!!!!!!!! I met my parents in Wellington for lunch and we went pack shopping! It was very cool, although those things are expensive!! Apart from mine, coz it was on sale :):) I like it very much. It's a macpac Gemini 75, and is blueish, and has lots and lots of little hidey places and funny nooks and crannies on the bag coz you can take stuff off, and hide away the straps, and a whole lot of other stuff. I havn't had a look on the inside yet coz I decided to keep it a surprise till my birthday (coz it's my birthday present), so that I can still be really excited about it for another few days =D.
Have an awesome week, and I'll write again soon!!!

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