Thursday, December 3, 2009

More money!

Yay, exams are over! I can now officially relax and really look forward to camp :)
I paid for my flights last week, so exciting! My travelcafe lady, Dale, found a $300 discount for me, but to get it I had to pay straight away. 175 days and 54 minutes to go :) I've started compiling a list of stuff that I have to remember to take, mostly things recommended by returners on the Camp America forum. I still can't think of anything particularly Kiwi to take! Any suggestions?
I think I have OCD. I nervously look out for the post lady, and check our letterbox at least twice a day, because there's a package on it's way from CSB :) I got a letter last week from them letting me know that there is paperwork on it's way, which got me so excited, and completely distracted me from studying... but that's ok :) I can't wait to get it, especially now that school's over :):)
Anyway, gotta jet, my mum's coming back from Thailand in a few minutes and I'm so excited to see her!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's all been very exciting in the last week or two! I got in contact with the other girl going to CSB, Elise! She's as excited as me, maybe even more, which I didn't think was possible! CSB has a facebook group, which I've joined, and now I'm facebook friends with something like 6 other CSB staff :) At least 3 of them have been there for like 5 years or something, and one of them was a camper before she became staff ! Must be worth going to I guess!!! I'm still sooooooo excited, I didn't think that was possible haha especially after Tuesday... finally got round to paying my 3rd deposit and medical insurance, $607. My bank account's not looking so happy anymore, poor thing. The 2nd deposit thing still hasn't come up on my CAD (code for Camp America Direct, I think someone never got taught how to count...
Anyway... after the minor down buzz of a sad bank account, I got an email from Dale at Travelcafe with an amazing looking quote for flights!!!! Highlight of my week I think! Super duper excited to see that I'm going through LAX (instantly thought of Miley haha) to BWI. Now, where on earth is BWI, you ask. Baltimore, Washington D.C.. Pretty much AWESOME! I think I'm gonna have to sing that song when I get off the plane haha "Good morning Baltimore.... ba da ba daaaaa I don't know anymore of the words...." If only I could sing, then it'd actually be entertaining haha.
Theres so many exciting things that come with knowing where and when you're flying, I have a countdown on my phone :) 188 days 21 hours 13 minutes until I leave Wellington! Well, maybe the minutes aren't exact, but I do really hope that the plane doesn't get delayed or anything, that would be lame and stressful.
Why is this thing called Biology? Good question. It's exam time at the moment, and today I had Bio. Oh, the joys. I was feeling well underprepared, not that you care, because I had to teach myself the whole subject because I go to a silly school. Anyway, at 1:59 pm and 30 seconds we were allowed to begin the exam. Opened the first page and what is there, but a map of America! So of course me being me, draws a cool line from L.A to Baltimore, with a plane and everything. It was the most exciting exam I've ever sat. And the rest of the exam went well, thanks for asking :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

200 days to go!

So it's all been confirmed, 10 weeks of sailing at Camp Silver Beach! Training starts on the 29th of May, 201 days from now! Paperwork is on it's way soon, very good procrastination from studying for exams I think :) Yay! Now I can slowly start getting stuff together... saw a New Zealand flag towel in the Briscoes flier that I'm seriously thinking of getting. $10, is it worth it? And I can get my lock! haha

Shelley from the Camp America office in Auckland (?) rang me today while I was at school (Hi Shelley!) and asked if I wanted this to be published :O! So happy reading people :) Feel free to ask any questions as well by the way, I don't bite hard! And she also told me that there's another Kiwi girl been hired by the same camp, yay!!! I'm so excited to get to talk to her, and everyone else going to CSB! But apparently there won't be many people being hired until after New Years, so more waiting... Maybe I should study...

Friday, November 6, 2009


So it's been a while... and it's November now :)
Went to the info night last week, little boring. Mum enjoyed it though, and now I don't have to answer as many questions haha
November... It took a while for anything to happen on the CAD, but then suddenly it changed! At first it said that my application wasn't being circulated because my police check hasn't been done and I havn't paid my 2nd deposit. Was freaking out for a little while! But then it changed again to ready to be placed :)! I was way too excited haha
And then yesterday I got home from school and BAM! I had an acceptance letter from Camp America NZ in my email, and now I can log into their website. So exciting!! So spent heaps of time looking at that, and at awesome looking camps as well haha

And then... this morning I woke up and checked my emails. After putting in so much effort to keep my hopes down, I had an email from a director at YMCA Camp Silver Beach in Virginia! The guy "Mish" seems really friendly, there was a whole lot of information about the camp, and then he asked if I would like to be a Sailing counselor, of all things! So pretty much I've had the best day :) It's been super sunny, had fish and chips and strawberries for lunch, and got an email from a camp, already! Wooooooo!

Obviously very excited :)!

Till later!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tick tock

November seems to be taking forever to come! It's still like 2 months away : I've been reading the forums HEAPS and I'm getting way too excited, and then I have to remind myself that I'm not in yet, and all that jazz. I'm so impatient!!! haha
Info night for Wellington was happening tonight, gutted I had to miss it! Apparently having to be over an hour late means you'll miss out on anything decent which is silly! Stupid work, deciding that we all have to attend a Health and Safety course. Didn't even learn anything decent either, was a huge waste of time!

Life outside of camp is pretty boring. Just school and dancing and work and piano. All very time consuming. Havn't slept past 7am in weeks I don't think...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So it's been a few days... Finished all my application stuff :) And got everything uploaded except the video, which is still in production!
My CAD says that my application has been sent to head office and I have to wait till November for updates. That's ageeeeess away! I'm gonna get so fidgety haha In the meantime I have the Camp America information evening to look forward to :) Wednesday the 16th of September. Keen!!

Not really much else to say, looking forward to November!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exciting Stuff!!

Ok, so I decided to make a blog of my Camp progress, coz it's all so exciting and I want to be able to look back at everything and get all re-excited again!

So it's Wednesday today. Had my interview on Monday with my lovely interviewer Kiloshini. Was SO pumped for it, lil bit nervous as well though. Everything went well, signed a form about my rights, responsiblities etc. She was really talkative, and really friendly :) Found out that I'm in when I arrived there. At the time it didn't really hit me, but now I'm still buzzing with excitement! :)

I'm really looking forward to all the stuff building up to camp like... finishing my video, talking to camp directors, getting placed, getting to talk to fellow counsellers, getting a visa, getting all my stuff organised, and for some reason getting a lock for my suitcase!

Small dilema with my reference, the one from Brad wasn't dated! So have to get another copy off him and show Kiloshini. Also have to finish 2 questions on my application and then it can start getting circulated!

EEEEEP!! So excited!