Monday, November 9, 2009

200 days to go!

So it's all been confirmed, 10 weeks of sailing at Camp Silver Beach! Training starts on the 29th of May, 201 days from now! Paperwork is on it's way soon, very good procrastination from studying for exams I think :) Yay! Now I can slowly start getting stuff together... saw a New Zealand flag towel in the Briscoes flier that I'm seriously thinking of getting. $10, is it worth it? And I can get my lock! haha

Shelley from the Camp America office in Auckland (?) rang me today while I was at school (Hi Shelley!) and asked if I wanted this to be published :O! So happy reading people :) Feel free to ask any questions as well by the way, I don't bite hard! And she also told me that there's another Kiwi girl been hired by the same camp, yay!!! I'm so excited to get to talk to her, and everyone else going to CSB! But apparently there won't be many people being hired until after New Years, so more waiting... Maybe I should study...

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  1. hey nikki, ive been waiting to be placed since november. im starting to loose hope. any tips on pushing my placement chances up?

    contact me at