Friday, November 6, 2009


So it's been a while... and it's November now :)
Went to the info night last week, little boring. Mum enjoyed it though, and now I don't have to answer as many questions haha
November... It took a while for anything to happen on the CAD, but then suddenly it changed! At first it said that my application wasn't being circulated because my police check hasn't been done and I havn't paid my 2nd deposit. Was freaking out for a little while! But then it changed again to ready to be placed :)! I was way too excited haha
And then yesterday I got home from school and BAM! I had an acceptance letter from Camp America NZ in my email, and now I can log into their website. So exciting!! So spent heaps of time looking at that, and at awesome looking camps as well haha

And then... this morning I woke up and checked my emails. After putting in so much effort to keep my hopes down, I had an email from a director at YMCA Camp Silver Beach in Virginia! The guy "Mish" seems really friendly, there was a whole lot of information about the camp, and then he asked if I would like to be a Sailing counselor, of all things! So pretty much I've had the best day :) It's been super sunny, had fish and chips and strawberries for lunch, and got an email from a camp, already! Wooooooo!

Obviously very excited :)!

Till later!

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  1. Just a side note, seeing as actual people are reading this now, the info night wasn't actually boring. I'd just already seen lots of the videos, or something similar in my many late nights, and done so much reading that I knew the answer to pretty much every question haha. If you're considering doing Camp America but don't know much about it, go to the info night! It's very interesting :)