Sunday, January 17, 2010

Apply early!

Very sorry about that last post!! Clearly wasn't thinking very straight at all!!!
So, I've just seen on the Camp America Facebook page ( that people are starting to be declined from applying for Camp America, which must mean that the quota for certain skills has been reached, already! So I just wanted to say to YOU that it is SO important to apply early! Don't leave it till now, or you could very well end up being declined because the skill quota has already been met. Also, be aware that the application stage takes a good few weeks, and that your application can't be circulated around camps until everything is done. Applications open in August/September, but no one's application will start circulating until November, when the previous season has finished. Apply as soon as applications open, then you have a good 2 months to get all your stuff together and make your application really amazing for when circulation starts in November! That's what I did, and I was placed within a day (or maybe it was 2?) of the applications being circulated, so it really can be worth it! Good luck, make yourself shine, because you are amazing and any camp will be lucky to have you!

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