Monday, February 15, 2010

100 days to go!!

Wow! The last 100 days don't seem to have gone fast at all!!! :O This is getting more and more exciting every day :)
I've finally booked my flights and visa interview, so scary! I'm going up to Auckland and most probably staying at the Queen Street Backpackers all by myself! I'm a smidge nervous, but then again, I guess I should man up and get used to it seeing as that's what its going to be like for a few months!
I've been lazy and not really looked for a new part time job! I've just upped my hours at the pool (I'm a teacher :) ), and I'm hoping to do some volunteer work as well, to fill in my days. I'm a bit over work already, which is a bit concerning seeing as it's been 3 days... I'll get used to it :) I'm also doing a bit of maths tutoring, cleaning the house for my mum, and painting for dad, so there's money trickling in from a few other places which is good :)
Well, adiĆ³s! It's time for bed :)


  1. Hey Nikki, when are you going to Auckland?

  2. Hey! I have a strong feeling you won't get this for a while... and I would Facebook you but I'm not using it atm for lent! I'm going up on Tuesday (the 16th) for my interview on wednesday :) Have you booked/gone for yours yet?

  3. hey nikki
    im hoping to do camp this year. i'm an 18 year old girl and i do rock climbing and archery, i hope those skills will get me through!
    what were your skills you used on your application?